Preparing to Outsource

Outsourcing is the single fastest (and least expensive) way of growing your business without drastically overhauling your business or hiring employees!

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We’ve put together this cheat sheet that will give you some suggestions on howto prepare your business to start outsourcing.



What You'll Learn

Determine what to Outsource

How to categorise your tasks to then discover what you can outsource to make your life easier

Top Tips when Outsourcing

What do you need to do to prepare to outsource?  How do you know how much time is required?

Find the Benefit

Discover how much extra time you can create in your week - what else can you be doing?  Spending time with the family? Doing your favourite activity? Completing extra income-earning activities?

Cut the Fluff

Outsourcing is designed to help your business and requirements can fluctuate depending on how much support you need.

FAQs on Outsourcing

What programs/apps do you use to communicate/pass resources between you and your client?

We use a range of different apps – it depends if the client already has a system in place for their other staff, and I just attach myself to their current system.  Otherwise, we would recommend something like Asana, Trello, or Monday as task management systems.  If file sharing is required, OneDrive, drop box or google drive are also good options.  When using these, we always move the files across to my cloud server, so they don’t get lost (and are backed up), then share a copy (not the original!) with the client back through OneDrive/drop box/google drive.  We always keep a copy incase the shared file is lost or damaged.

Does the support a VA provides a company alter depending on the number of staff are employed by the business owner?

It depends a lot on the industry the business is in, and the type of staff employed.  Generally speaking, those with under 5 staff don’t have a lot of admin support behind them and is usually left to the employees and business owners.  Having a VA can change the way that size business operates and can free up a lot of time for the team to turn into billable time.  Virtual Assistants can also be used to prepare for the hire of an admin support person – doing up an instruction manual, putting processes in place to follow, guides on how the software works, etc.

When you start working with larger organisations with admin teams, it’s usually supporting them in small areas (eg not quite needing to hire an extra person), or filling in for leave (eg maternity or long service leave) or “topping up” the support when the business is experiencing a rush of work and becomes overloaded.

Is it more common for people to hire a VA for 1-2 days/week solid, or is it more likely to be spread across the week?

It is usually spread out across the week to enable multiple touch points with the staff, business owner and customers.  It also provides the greatest amount of flexibility for the VA to support the business across the entire week (priorities, circumstances and situations change across the week, especially at the moment).

 In some situations, set days or times are required (eg supporting professional services through minute taking, supporting online events, etc).

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